Just keep it to yourself!


Lately I have been pretty much drowning in pictures of salads, transformations, people working out at the gym, waist shapers and whatnot on facebook, instagram, and every other social media I use… I recognise a hype when I see one, and lets be honest, this one has become pretty annoying and exhausting.

Girls, boys, if you wanna work out, eat clean and anything else, good for you! It’s awesome to feel good in your skin (no matter if you’re fat, skinny, chubby, and everything in between). But I really don’t understand the need to rub it (“it” being your body, way of life, bla bla bla) in our faces.

You can try to justify it by saying it’s to motivate others, but come on…You’re not convincing me (all you’re doing is annoying the hell out of me)…the only thing that will ever convince me to hit the gym and/or eat healthier is what I see in the mirror. You’re supposed to do it FOR YOURSELF, not for others or their approval and compliments.

If you wanna take a million before-and-after pictures and make a trillion working-out-at-the-gym videos, go ahead but DO YOU REALLY NEED TO POST ALL OF THEM?!

One of my new year resolutions is to work out more, because I want to look mighty fine when I go to Spain this summer. But you’ll never see a pic of my transformation and I’ll never tell people what to do to lose weight (unless they me ask themselves). Why? Because I’m doing it to feel good about myself and I don’t need people to stroke my ego.

xx Waleska ❤

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