Just leave the nest already!

It’s just been a day since my last post but I could’t resist! Personally I blame (like I already said) Carrie Bradshaw and her column from Sex and the City. That (fictional but fabulous) girl makes me want to write down all my thought so bad.. Oh, and let’s be honest..I also blame boredom. Everyone is on vacation somewhere else so whatever, yours truly will blog her summer (what’s left of it anyway) away in her cute, cozy, little studio..

Like I said in my first post, I packed all my stuff and moved to the Netherlands two years ago. I lived in Maastricht for more than a year but 3 months ago I decided I outgrew the little city (felt more like a teeny tiny little town but okay) and moved to The Hague.

Why did I ever decide to leave my little paradise island in the Caribbean you ask? Well, Curaçao used to be a Dutch colony and is still part of the Kingdom (I’ll save you the history lesson) and since there are not many options at the local university it’s fairly normal for students to migrate after high school to continue with their studies in the Netherlands.

Am I happy with the decision of leaving everything (including family and friends) behind and starting all over? HELL YES!

I’ve always been pretty independent but apart from that, living on my own has made me grow in so many other ways. I’ve had to deal with so many things (and people)including but not limited to: traveling all alone, crazy-lazy-not-too-fond-of-doing-dishes housemates combined with a pretty much OCD-ish landlord, running out of toilet paper because housemate X forgot to buy some (God bless my private stash..The Lord knows it (literarily) saved my ass many times), building IKEA furniture on my own, taking public transportation to go anywhere (I wouldn’t have wanted to be caught dead taking the bus back in Curaçao!), chores, waking myself up in the morning for my responsibilities..anyway, you name it, I’ve probably had to do it cause mom and dad (and boyfriend dearest) are 9000km away and I can’t ask them to do it for me anymore.

If I had to guess I’d probably say that in the past 2 years my maturity level has increased with at least 400% (if you don’t believe me, ask my parents, they’ll tell you). Oh, that’s another thing, the feeling of knowing your parents are proud of you because they see how well you’re doing and how much you’ve matured is so rewarding!

Is there also a negative side? Of course there is! Feeling homesick on holidays or special dates, craving stuff you can only buy back home, not being spoiled by mom when you feel sick, seeing your family only once or twice a year cause plane tickets are suuuuper expensive.. but hey, there’s skype/facetime/whatsapp/facebook and whatnot..

So would I recommend anyone to leave mommy and daddy and their safe environment and go study abroad? You bet..

Just leave your comfort zone and take a chance.. Not independent? I assure you, this experience will make you. And it will broaden your horizons in so many ways that it will all be worth it.

xx Waleska ❤

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