Merry Christmas and a happy new year?

So after more than a year I have decided it’s time for another blog post. So please bear with me while I rant a bit.

Unlike last year I’m not home for the holidays this year. I would have given anything to spend these days with my family in that little paradise island called Curacao (preferably lounging on a beach chair sipping on some piña colada), but since I got to spend the whole summer there and the plane tickets were ridiculously expensive this winter I decided it would be better to stay. Talk about the WORST decision EVER!

Most students here in the Netherlands have some family to spend the holidays with, but yours truly only has one (REALLY BUSY) cousin. Of course I have some friends, but well, apparently those are too busy with their families and other friends. So guess who spent Christmas (feeling all Grinch-like) alone in her room. And guess who’s all alone again on NYE writing this blog post. Yup, me.

Since I was a little girl I never had an issue with being alone. I always found something to entertain me, and being the bookworm that I am most of the time it involved books. But there’s a big difference between being alone and feeling lonely.

I know I made the choice to migrate and come study in the Netherlands away from my loved ones, but I really did not expect I would ever have to spend the holidays on my own. I also know there are people who have it way worse than me. At least I have a roof, a comfy bed and food. But being alone in a cold country, away from home sucks too and all I wanted to reply (but of course didn’t!) to those “Merry Christmas” Whatsapp messages was “There’s nothing ‘merry’ to this Christmas for me this year”. Oh, let’s not forget about all those happy pictures on Facebook and Instagram. Like I said, I was all Grinchy and hated everything Christmas that day.

But, I’m 21 years old and over the years I’ve come to realize the world does not revolve around me (unfortunately). So I try to keep in mind that I have to suck it up and just deal with it. But being 21 also means that I’m still a bit immature enough to be entitled to throw a tantrum every once in a while right?

xx Waleska ❤

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