So every single teenager is worshiping the devil?

Hey people, I’m back! 😀

Yesterday I wrote my first introductory post and guess what, I just got inspired and decided I need to write again.. 

A few minutes ago I was on Facebook minding my own (and other people’s) business, scrolling down my news feed when I noticed one of my friends had shared a post from one of her friends. The first part was written in Papiamentu (our native language) but it was something like “Before we use certain words we should check their meaning first.” The second part was a list of words and abbreviations and their supposed meaning;

LOL = Lucifer Our Lord
YOLO= Youth Obeying Lucifer’s Orders
SWAG = Satan’s Wishes Are Granted
ROFL = Rise, Our Father Lucifer
BRB = Beelzebub Rules Below
WTF= Worship the fallen

This was not the first time I had heard about ‘LOL’ supposedly meaning ‘Lucifer Our Lord’ but when I read a LIST of these “popular” words, my reaction was “WTF, do people really believe in this stuff?!”.

I’m not a teenager anymore, but still being a young adult I use at least two of these words daily and when I do so I don’t have any “hidden” meaning behind it. I would even dare to say the rest of the people (mostly teenagers) who also use them don’t have “ulterior motives” either.

Even though I don’t go to church that often (especially now that I’m here in Holland), I’m a Catholic and I was raised in a somewhat religious family. So it’s pretty obvious that I believe in God, the devil and good vs. evil. I also respect every religion and I agree that every single person has the right to believe in whatever “higher entity” they want to, but believing that popular words young people use have some satanic meaning behind them is just NUTS and ridiculous.

When I tell someone ‘BRB’ what i mean is ‘Be Right Back’ not ‘Beelzebub Rules Below’. And when someone says ‘yolo’, (even though I DESPISE that word) it means ‘You Only Live Once’ and will probably be followed by some stupid action. Most of us wouldn’t categorize being young, reckless and dumb as the ‘Youth Obeying Lucifer’s Orders’. Words are words! You can’t think that everything has some obscure devil-worshipping message hidden in it.

Before you post or repost something on the internet (especially social media) think twice about the fact that most people might consider your post ignorant and stop believing in everything you read or hear.

xx Waleska ❤

5 thoughts on “So every single teenager is worshiping the devil?

  1. It’s sad that someone is so “hung up” on Satan (aka Lucifer, Beelzebub, and many, many other names) that they feel the need to turn ‘fun’ abbreviations into something sinister. The fact of the matter is Satan does not even exist. “He” was dreamed up by the apocalyptic writers during the Babylonian era. Don’t believe me? Do the research. I did.

    1. i actually believe that he exists, just like i believe in God, but i think that some people take it too far like in this case.. like you said, they are too hung up and are blinded by their beliefs

  2. i respect this and any thing can be a code use in words we young people use today but im not sure aboutt his one but it is very possible we speak in code for this.

  3. Pa straño ku por parse, ta aworaki numa den aña 2015 mi a bin tende di e asuntu di e nifikashonnan supuestamente diabóliko di brb, lol, etc. Masha bon kos bo a skirbi akiriba. Tin hende ku nan miedu pa diabel ta paralisá nan common sense. Ora nan post kosnan asina nan ta plama miedu bou di pueblo paso semper tin mas hende ku lo bai nan tras i kere e kosnan aki.

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