What’s the rush?!


Besides from gym and healthy food pics, I’ve also been drowning in pics of babies and engagements. Since I’m (only) 22 most of my social media friends are also around that age. So the past few days I’ve been questioning am I the one who’s wrong or…??
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How to know you’re Latin


Little known fact, unless you know me personally of course, is that I’m latin. Well, not a 100% but close. I’ll save you the full genealogy lesson though…I was born in the Caribbean but mommy dearest is from Venezuela so she raised me (and my little sister) like any other Venezuelan kid. So I decided to make a list of some things that I know for a fact happen in most (if not all) latino households.  Continue reading

Quick update

A bit more than 2 years have gone by since I started this blog and well, it didn’t really go as I expected (but I guess I haven’t put too much time and effort in it…) Last year I wrote a rant because I was bored and alone on New Year’s Eve but this year I am going to sunny Curaçao (!!!) (a.k.a home a.k.a paradise a.k.a Curadise) to see my family and get my tan (back) on so yay me!!

I want to write a really long post right now buuuut it’s 1am here in the Netherlands and I still have to do some reading on intellectual property (#lawstudentproblems) sooo..I’ll get to it by the end of this week (pinky promise).

xx, Waleska ❤

Just leave the nest already!

It’s just been a day since my last post but I could’t resist! Personally I blame (like I already said) Carrie Bradshaw and her column from Sex and the City. That (fictional but fabulous) girl makes me want to write down all my thought so bad.. Oh, and let’s be honest..I also blame boredom. Everyone is on vacation somewhere else so whatever, yours truly will blog her summer (what’s left of it anyway) away in her cute, cozy, little studio.. Continue reading